Sevai Karangal - சேவை கரங்கள்

We have got so much from the society. And now it's
our turn to give something back.

 Vazhga Valamudan

There are plenty of orphanages and old age homes. Few get sufficient funds. But, there

are many homes struggle a lot to get the funds.

The motive of Sevai Karangal is to identify the orphanages and old age homes who are
with no/little aid and channel the funds to them.

Anybody willing to participate or to know more about the program, kindly contact us.

Who We Are

Sevai Karangal - சேவை கரங்கள் is  a registered, non-governmental, non-religious

and non-profit social service organization with sole objective of serving people who are

orphans & destitutes.


We adopt any orphanage or oldage homes who are in short of funds and contribute

towards a part of their expences. We also launch a special activities based on their



“To identify and assist orphanages, old age homes and destitute people by providing

financial, educational and material support & To create awareness among people to

serve the community”


“We have got so much from the society. And now it's our turn to give something back.”



“To  uplift  orphanages, old  age  homes and  destitute  people  who  are  in real need

  of assistance”


Objects of the Organisation

The objects of the Trust are. -


1. Provide financial & material support to orphanage, old age homes & deprived people.


2. Explain the significance of education and Provide support to orphan and deprived

   children ensuring that it is not interrupted due to financial issues.


3. Identify and uplift the talented orphans and deprived children to get recognition

    in the society.


4. Create awareness among the people to love and serve the community upto their

    capacity, either financially, involving themselves in any activities or by any other



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